Petar Stankov / Owner

Upon attaining a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree specializing in sculpture, Petar has created large-scale public art installations and worked to restore historic buildings and stone-based artifacts across Europe.

Since then, Petar has made Canada his home where he has delivered European craftsmanship and luxury aesthetics to a whole new clientele, while maintaining an artful perspective in all that he does.

Working with award-winning interior designers, architects and builders, Petar has cultivated a corporate culture built on integrity, world-class product knowledge and the artful elevation of interiors since 2010.

Stephanie Eldred / Communications Manager

An award-winning communicator, Stephanie takes the lead in our day-to-day operations and keeps our clients informed and our projects on track.

Hugo / Chief Corporate Culture Officer

Here from the start, Hugo is a founding member of the Broken Down Designs family and champions a healthy work-life balance that includes treats, naps and a knack for sniffing out problems, all while staying on the very edge of design trends.